Monday, June 15, 2015


   The alarm never went off, the plan had changed, instead of a ride from my house to Little Cottonwood and back I was in my car headed for 90 minutes of Corner Canyon. I was not the first one in the lot at 5:30am and would have to pass a few on my way up, I was feeling just fine despite being a little tired but really really happy to be riding. I climbed to Shoreline and headed for Ann's for a planned ride down the Maple Hollow DH trail. I had the wrong tool for the job but I really don't feel like riding anything but my rigid 29r single speed anyway but I can do fine. Climbing was a breeze and the views of the valley floor inviting my eyes. At the top of the Maple Hollow I dropped in and tried to suck up all the chop with no suspension, indeed this was going to be a rough ride. I took it slower than ever, hit the jumps and finished up and looped around on shoreline and by then I was storming down the creek trail and hit the car for a perfect 90 minute ride. Solid morning

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