Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Park City Dope Loop!

      Ambitiously awoke at 4am and headed for Park City area for plans to do a big loop. I Started in darkness by 5am on sidewalks and pathways leading to the Park City Resort, I put in some pavement to ease my return at the end of the ride. I got onto Jenni's and started what would be a long morning climbing. I still am pretty unclear of trails in Park City but I was armed with my phone and a piece of paper with my trail names on it. As I chugged up Jenni's I realized my legs were not feeling very good, they weak but I would not be giving them any relief today so had to suck it up. After Jenni's is was three candles which I hoped was more mellow to give me a break but I did get relief on a quick spin on Keystone which was very very pleasant. Once I reached Shadow Lake it was a push to the Scott's where I would meet up with the route heading to the Wasatch Crest Trail. I was not looking forward to this as I reached Scotts I was completely out of juice and walked to the top. Not a bad morning to take a walk so no big deal or feelings hurt. Then i finally got sweet relief as I dropped up and down magnificent trail.
    Still a few climbs left as I cleaned the spine and flew down to the Wasatch Crest Connector as fast as I could on no suspension. Dropped in and linked quite a few trails I have not ridden much or ever. Robs, Colins to Dubois, all a wonderful trail in each it's own, Dubois was real funky but I liked it and after it dumped me out onto the road it was a 10 minute spin to the car. I used up all my time I had planned and got just under 30, I will be back for longer rides this summer I hope. I need a 50 miler on my belt and Park City has no shortage of miles for me.

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