Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Park City

     Love love love riding Park City, alpine laced trails, endless riding options I am so lucky to live near it. I was off at 5am for a early morning on Monday to get the week started proper. I had a loop in mind and then a bonus loop for any extra time I can get. I began on Silver Spur, as it passed under the chairlifts the sky was aglow in majesty. Upon entering the woods the trail was as pristine as it could get for smooth dirt away, it was hard to describe but out of this world. I climbed armstrong with a decent leg and armed with suspension so I could rip some descents. I prefer my rigid ss but lately I am so concerned about it's lifespan and hate to put it through a fast descent on the choppy Spiro trail. Up and up I went into the sun rise, the woods filled with the nectar of spring, it was like riding in a  forest shop, green and plenty in flowers. It was absolutely incredible, it as warm too, I climbed on and on at a good pitch and good rate. Connected to Mid Mountain and headed towards Deer Valley for just a little until I connected with Spiro. Moving at a good clip this was a long fun run down, I was trying to get more speed but was reserved since theres plenty of summer left. I connected with Silver Spur again and linked back up near my car and climbed up Jenni's. I was running short on time and would unlikely make it to Johns. I was right and had to turn around and took a trail I didn't see on the map, Loose Moose. What a name, it did not disappoint, it was short and sweet. Then took a different trail at the 4 way and it crossed huge mounds of snow which was the remains on the Park from the winter. Killed my vibe a little  and lots the trail a bunch but managed to hit the PCMR connector and dropped down next to the Marriott. What a sweet sweet ride, thanks to my lovely wife for chilling with the kid for a few hours!

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