Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Friday Neighbor Ride

    Had a good 50 mile week already but when my neighbor sent me an invite to a ride early the next morning which I was planning on doing anyway I agreed. Off we went at 5:15am, had no clue where his fitness was at but we had 90+ minutes to shred and I was happy to be back on the bike again. We started off at Corner Canyon and got cranking, to my surprise he was right on my tail, not helping my worn legs. He never left my rear tire until we got descending. He brought his dog who is a German Pointer and man oh man what a trail dog! She was even giving me a run for my money on the descent down Rush. At the end we made our way to rattler and I sent him in front of me since I was slowing down and he took of and left me 26er in the dust. Luckily he slowed down since he was losing me fast and we rode all the way up to Ghost via Canyon Hollow and Brocks. Then a speedy ride down Ghost with plenty of runners and to the car. Was impressed with my neighbors skill, he has not ridden in a few months and does't ride a lot necessarily but he's in good shape. Got to bring the 29er next time I think I could keep up on the ascents, but I can smoke him on the downhill. Good times, hopeful to have a new riding buddy every once in awhile. 

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