Sunday, March 7, 2021

Mezcal and Chuch Wagon!!!!!!!!

The stars alligned and me and Robbie found ourselves at 6am headed up to Sedona for some riding! The first plan was to hit some mezcal and chuck wagone to get warmed up. It was blisful and pretty easy riding on 32x20 which I brought for day. I forget how beautiful Sedona is every time I see it, the place is off the charts! I was chasing a speedy Robbie around Mezcal and it was over too soon. We then hit up chuck wagon which was a first for me, after tightening my dropouts since I left them loose, phew that felt better! Chuch wagon was different but very enjoyable, especially the bits in the woods and streams! After 8 miles ride one was done and I was hungry for so much more!

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