Sunday, December 13, 2020

Freshies and a tire plug

Woke up to a heavy rain and dark place, such a welcme sight smell and sound! After the boy had his play i the rain before school we were off. I realized the ran was too hard and I would wait a bit to ride. I went home and an hour later the sun was popping out and off I went. Pedaling up la sendas I was racing the clouds up the mountain, I wanted to get into them but I wasn't fast enough, spots of blue sky were in and out and done raining but very freshly rained trails. Passed a very craft nativity set someone made. Gidro was more sketchy than planned so I was slower but cleaned it just fine. At th Hawes intersection I felt the rear wheel feel a little funny, I was losing air, a rock I knicked left a hole. 50 minutes in I was worried this might end or affet the ride. I tried a small plug, didn't hold, then had to macgyver a large plug in there and it held. I decided to pedal on an nervously rode the rest of my route, it couded back up and was an amazing experience, waited so long for this!

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