Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Shiny new Hawes trail

Shiny new trail at Hawes! The planned ridge trail has been worked on for a good month or so I could tell, I would frequently see a raptor parked across the road and a large bike rack and funky tires coming from it time to time. It was the builder all terrain moto. Opening day came on a Thursday and I got to it on Friday. The lot was the busiest I have seen in on Friday, I debated proceeding as to not have to deal with a bunch of bros on the trail. To my luck I came by a few and no one had trouble with. The climb was consistan and switchbacks just able on my singlespeed, I did clean them and then was distracte by magnificent views of the mountains. The descent was vert good, and enjoyed the whole ride down. It's a machine built flow tralil and no one shold expect anything else. More trails to come I can't wait!

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