Sunday, January 3, 2021

Ooooooo thats better!

So I have had an unpleasant feeling in my fork for as long as I can remember from time to time, usually it would be remedied by loosening the stem and top cap. It got bad enough I had to figure out the real culprit after that stopped working. I changed the brake levers and made things better for a bit, but this Tuesday when I started my ride I felt the play in the fork by the headset. I got home after that and got to work on it. Turns out I needed to add a spacer to the stack and bam it was how it should be. I was excite to test it proper on Wednesday and man I wish I had done that sooner, the fork is more solid than when I built the bike up it's perfect! I aways chalked it up to the fork quality, but it was user error.

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