Sunday, January 3, 2021

The rock made us do it

Me and Robbie finaly got back no a ride together, it was great to see him and have some good company for the ride. The plan was up Mormon and National and maybe back down from there. I was on 32x18 which sucked big time, I regretted not changing my ration, I still made it up more than expected and it was fine except for a few sections. When we got to the top Robbie threw out the idea of Geronimo and we called heads or tails on a rock and Geronimo won the toss. I have not been on Geronimo in long time, and remember once I did it rigid. It was a hoot having Robbies enthusiasm behind me and clearing every single challenge on the trail, I guess it's officially rigid worthy. We pedaled back through some neighborhoods and I wanted more but our time was up.

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