Sunday, December 22, 2019

Quillinan Baby!

The next day I had another window of opportunity to shred. This time I opted for close to home again so I can max my time with the family. I was set to ride with my brother but some unfortunate chain of events took him out and it was just me. It was a chilly moring at 34F and I was dressed and ready. Suprisingly I peeled off layers as I rode and found only my fingers to be freezing. All that wet ground got a heavy dose of wind that morning and then froze. It was great conditions for me on crusty frozen dirt, I was moving normal again on a beatup redline monocog. I really enjoy this spot, it doesn't have alot of trails to offer, but it's neaby and fits the bill with good climbs, good mellow and scenery. I have myself two hours to beat the rain and I did so. This would be the last CT ride since the next morning was not an option, you were good to me CT I thank you!

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