Monday, January 22, 2024


I was riding around Hawes on a lovely Wednesday when I spotted a large group of bikers, as I sped past the group I saw a fmailiar face, wait a second did I just see Wade Simmons the god father of free ride mountain biking, yes I think I did. I made a u turn and got super duper giddy with excitement, could I get the courage to sya hello, get a picture, stalk him? Well it turns out they were headed up twisted sister to get a lap on big sister. I caught up to the group and there at the back, low and behold Wade! I followed him at a distance to not pass him but alot went through my mind as to how to talk to him, but I couldn't get enough courage to bother him. When he pulled off for a pee I opted this was not the moment. As I rode by I said Gooly, Wade Simmons! As I passed ther rest of the group shortly after the top I didn't quite notice anymore celebrities among them but surely they must have been. I stopped at the top of big sister and awkwardly waited and shaking in excitement to catch a video and pictures when they rolled by. I hopped in after a few riders behind Wade and then at the bottom of the trail turned away from the group and just couldn't uster the courage to talk to him, oh well, very very cool!

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