Friday, January 19, 2024


Enjoyedme some gray skies for my Sunday ride, I knew rain was supose to happen the day before right at ride time and with the cold snap I was ok with that not happening. It has been legit cold this week with lows reaching under 30F which I didn't know was possible. Anyway, the ride was superb and half way through rain began and then picked up and I questioned as I was halfway up alpe turning around, gladly I didn't as it was quite worth it, at the top it let off and took in all the smells and pleasure to the eyes. These are magical rides in the desert and rare occasions to enjoy. As I neared adding more ride time a loud crack of lightening hit very close and with the car just a minute away I opted to cut it a little short but man that was good! On the drive home the skies opened up for a bit, letting in full sun and it was beautiful the rest of the day in and out of storms.

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