Sunday, May 2, 2021

#ilovehawes long course

I set off onto the course Thursday, I parked up near the pass since I was unsure if I needed a tonto pass, more miles and a nice pedal to the start. As I was riding I had to remind myself not to push too hard and also actually push, as somone who doesn't race or push pace this was tricky. I was feeling good, little better than last week, I think allergies were making me lethargic. I went up and did Goat as required and felt slow on alpe but I made sure I put a smooth speedy effort into Iron Goat and Maricopa Madness and Wild Horse. River view I started to feel the heat, it was getting close to mid day but I was moving not at a fast pace but a normal pace. Now into the Hawes west side it was straightforward, I cimpleted the secret loop and passed a fellow racer out there. I was worried about charging up cactus Garden and it sucked about as much as I expected. I was beat by now, walking up to the pass. Then I was able to let looses on Red Mountain Rush, and finish up the course. I felt fine about it, didn't feel speedy but my time was done, I wanted to be under 3 hourse but missed that mark on 3.9 minutes, not bad for a non racer rigid SS I am guessing, will see how I stack up on Monday I guess.

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