Wednesday, May 12, 2021

#ilovehawes enduro bruh

Well I went up to the top and dropped on in, only so fast one can go on rigid and not wanting to kill my bike in the process. I felt fine about it, obviously I did not take it serious, would love to put th other boys on rigids and see how we stack up. Ony my pedal back my cog snapped, I was able to throw the chain back on but it just kept popping off. I headed for pavement and luckily the chain would stay on uphill pavement whish was fortunate since that was all I had between me and the car and not needing to hitch a ride. A 1/2 mile from the car, my pedal began to slowly seize up, now this pedaling was real awkward. Limped it to the car and called it good, that cog was going to fail, doesn't owe me anything. My good friend bought the absolute black 18t cog for me and his failed shortly after he got his, after observing it closely this thing was cracked all over!

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