Saturday, July 29, 2023

Black Canyon Wyoming!

I was very excited to have the bike with me in Wyoimng. After a long day traveling, rafting and a little sleep I was up n heaing for teton pass. My research led me to a grind up a paved path "old teton pass road" and then some singletrack and then down Black Canyon. Once I got pedaling it was straight forward, a no mercy stand up and pedal crawl to the pass, the scenery was beautiful along the way at least. I was thankful to be on pavement at this steep grade, again so annoyed for not changing out my cog for a much more friendly. I didn't need to walk or rest until I made it to the pass, where the trail went to dirt and I struggled with traction, legs and lungs. I was beat, maybe the lack of realy mountains or sleep was getting me. None the less I walked and rode on and off until I reached the top. It was an intense panorama to be seen, beautiful green flowery mountain as far as I could see. Then I dropped in for a fast flowy descent. This trail was perfection, not too bad on my rigid either. It was a long Dh but over too soon as usual, so lush so fun!

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