Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Oh sweet joy! I was absolutely itching to ride as we got into town monday night. I didn't know when my first first ride would be but man was I anxious. After a pretty rough adjustment day I was absolutely thrilled when I got the god to go out that evening. So happy as I headed out to Corner Canyon to stir up some good memories. I got the the equestrian trailhead and found the parking lot very quiet, not normal for sure but all the better! Off I went to hit the best Dh runs and get to climbing. It is so good to be back in Utah, being on a bike in this moment felt great. The smells were plentiful, the trails nice and grown in, the way up to potato hill was more grown in than I have ever seen it. I didn't feel all too comfortable on my Dh runs, but they were my first crack at it. Solid 20 miles, I forget how much traction there is around there.

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