Saturday, July 23, 2016


A fresh new week, a new attitude and a slightly happier boy of mine. It seems I had a rough transition back to Arizona, but I am back and feeling better little by little as I count down the days to the winter. I guess we got a few rounds of Monsoons, I heard about them and they finally arrive. On Monday I got rained out as a scary clouds ran into South Mountain dumping tons of rain. I tried to go East but a wall of dust storm was in my view. Pretty wild out here in the desert, those storms are no joke. Tuesday cam and more weather came form the south, again things were too active. Then Wednesday, storms were brewing and I got a weather alert for a dust storm but luck was on my side as it settled and off I went to South Mountain to meet with Chris. Good to have a riding partner and he's suppose to join me on a red bull rampage trip in October filled with rides and good times. We got chugging up from Javelina trailhead things were feeling good, made out way up beverly Canyon and went for the hard climb to the saddle and I went for it. I dabbed once but I pedaled up the whole thing which doesn't count in my book but it felt damn good and theres always another shot at it. At the top my heart was racing, maybe the hardest it ever has, I descended and by then my body was acting funny. I was dizzyish, gases and developed a knot in my stomach. After about 15 minutes went by and I just couldn't take it, I had to sit down. My buddy didn't seem to mind, it's rare for me not to be on par but this was happening. Nothing to do but relax and take in the views. Something done way too little these days. We headed back and with easy miles I felt better and better as we went. By the time I got home I still couldn't make sense of it but I felt MUCH better

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