Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fight Night

I got the YT Capra rolling tubeless! I am proud to say all on my own two hands, maybe not a huge success in others eyes, but it was my first crack at it with gorilla tape. Happy to say the tires are holding air just dandy and they are now ready for cactus removal trail maintenance. I had small miles to fill my hopeful 50 mile week so I went on a bruiser but an absolute beauty of a trail around Pass Mountain. Once I got past the normal spot I remember why I like it so much, twisty ups and down on narrow single track with views to boot. Dropping down from the pass is fun as always, this time felt rockier than I remember, maybe them monsoons altered trail there too. I felt like I put a beating on those brand new tires but thats what they're there for right.

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