Saturday, July 2, 2016

Park City Slicka

A ride opened up as I dropped my wife off to hang out with her friend, kid free I had my bike armed and ready. There were strong thunderstorms brewing to the west, I was on borrowed time for sure. At the last moment while headed for Shoreline Trail I stayed on I80 and headed for Park City. I was too eager to get that PC action. I arrived at the olympic park and got going, some trails have been re routed but I made it onto what I wanted. It was absolutely beautiful up there, the aspens were lush and plentiful, wildflowers popping and stinking good. I was a happy guy as I climbed up and up. By the time I reached Robs it was looking more sketchy, I looked at the radar and yellow somehow made it's way over my head, the front had not yet reached but boomers grew above me. I carried on until thunder would clap shortly into my climb, I decided to keep going and out of desperation ignored the thunder. I passed lots of bikers heading up as well, at the top where I was suppose to take hunter trail I decided to head down for refuge as it began to drizzle, which turned to rain and then heavy rain. Thunder and lightning clapping above me, no visual strikes but I waited under a tree for 10 minutes and then tried to proceed to find trail conditions went to absolute trash. Unridable slick gooey mud. I was so close to the Canyons base, I saw another ride bomb down for the resort and I joined him, I rode the grass which proved to be fast and effective. I am no completely embedded in mud, heavy mud pulling my pants down and absolutely everywhere. It's pouring and I know not what to do, I opt to ride back to the car on the road which was fast but again wet. Then right as I got to the car it let go even harder, I stand at my car not knowing what to do, I had no interest in tracking any mud into my car. I weighed my options and decided a strangers garden hose or pool would be effective as I wandered into a townhouse neighborhood. Neither were evident so I noticed the water running so hard down the drain channels in the road that it would be my washing source. Dirty as heck water but effective in cleaning my legs and shorts enough to jump on a towel covered seat. Amazing how conditions went so bad so fast, learned a good lesson there, but don't regret riding.

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