Monday, August 21, 2023

Flat Iron!

That giant beautiful mountain know as the superstiotions finaly got climbed by the bike pedaling ginger! I got an invite the day before and while I have to turn down most invites, this one was good to go! We took off at 5:30 and Brant lead the way as he has visited this mountain many times. I have not hiked in many years, it felt good to be moving and talking and enjoying the mountain. It was more lush and way more steep than I expected. I had good endurance and eveyrthing felt great by the time we reached the summit. We did flat iron and the summit above it at 5,028 feet above sea level and was a 3,000ft climb up. The views were absolutely spectacular up there. The hike down was tougher, my quads were not giving me much support on the steep descent, I had to be extra careful since they felt a little numb and reminded me I should have prepared for this but I didn't have time so oh well. Would definitely do more stuff like this!

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