Monday, August 21, 2023

Gold Canyon and Peralta regional

I needed a change to bump up the bike game, might not be in the woods but needed a change in scenery. So it was off to Gold Canyon and then remembered I needed to checl out nearby Peralta. Godl canyon was about the way it is usually, monsoons haven't phased it. I noticed a large amount of sweat on my arms, I don't know if it was the sunscreen or the sun or the humidity but it started well and ended ok. I bounced around Gold Canyon and then figured my way over to Peralta. It was very erie rolling in with many brand new structures and maps etc but not a soul to be be found. I headed for Saguaro which went steeply up the mountain, found myself hiking early and getting absolutely beat down by the sun. With that one in the bag I was finding my way on the desperado, more mellow but I was ready to get out there asap. First impression was goo so far, small riding area but would be nice in the winter for families. I couldn't get to the car fast enough and glad I got it done.

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