Sunday, June 28, 2020

Gold Goodies

The day had come when I got to show Robbie around Gold Canyon. After riding National with him so mnay times I wondered if it was going to be dull for him. We chugged on an absolute beauty of a morning. Lots of pictures and trails were had, but no recording for y strava. I showed him alot of the goods. I had a realy scary moment on Technical trail where I took a rocky line that ended in a drop, I never remembered the left line being a drop I stalled and had nowhere to set my foot without falling over and breaking it, I cleanly ejected over the bars in a last ditch effort and landed off camber onto my hip/side. It hurt a bit but could have bee SOOOOOOOOOOOO much worse. I pedaled out a bit sore but now it's Sunday and I feel good and ready for the week ahead.

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