Sunday, June 14, 2020

National with a new friend

So last weekend I came acoss a strava account and sent out a message to let him know I digged his loop he went on. It was my very frist ride in AZ, a ballzy loop from Desert Classic to Telegraph to National in the heat of a firey summer day. Anyway I gave him some kudos and told him anytime he wants to do a big ride let me know I want in. We scheduled a monday ride while it was not a big one it was a good one. It was a quick but acceptable pace for me. I claned lower Mormon whick I have never done on my singlespeed. We pedaled on and I was really enjoying the company. I gained some space on the climbing and glad it wasn't the other way around. Down National and then onto the Ridge instead of Javalina. It was a beastly climb as I expected by the sight of it unattainable for me without gears, up an down and then around the mountain. Great ride, look forward to more with Robbie.

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