Sunday, June 7, 2020

Pinetop Ride!

We got the family out of the valley and up to Pinetop for the weekend. We had never been and it sure was great getting up into the pines. Me brought the bikes and me and Landon got out for a ride that evening and the next morning I got out on mine :) I was able to ride right from the cabin on to the trail, it was a quick start down some comfy trils and man it was great to be outof the desert! It got a little bumpy at times and then smoothed out again for country club loop. I detoured up a tough climb up to a viewpoint and could see some hills around finally, this was soooooo good! A shred back down and headed for blue ridge. It was bumpy and slow going for sure, a time I felt like I was on CT trails, I wanted to complete the loop and I did! Then I sped home as fast as I could since my wife was not feeling well. Can't wait to get out the of the valley again!

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