Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Throwing it back

Glenwild to Flying Dog- Park City Utah- June 3, 2009

This was yet another warm spring ride in the beautiful mountains, it seriously makes me sad and sick to my stomach how much I miss this place, I am so happy and thankful of the time I spent living out in Utah for those years. I am glad I got so sick of this pukehole CT can sometimes be and ventured out west with me and my car on an adventure. I miss these times on those trails so much, while CT riding is so good it just is a very different world out there. The mountains vs. the hills, I choose mountains every time. This was one nice day as you can see out in Park City on the Flying Dog Trail. I had the pleasure of riding this trail a few hours after landing on my red eye last summer.....Good times....sorry for my bitterness

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