Thursday, February 16, 2012


Got out on a ride last night, felt great to be out. Not to so great was the Kona Dawg it's really starting to show it's age and gave some some turbulent feedback on the bars the whole ride. Ever since the shock got rebuilt it's not right it really rebounds quickly and makes a bunch of noise an racket, I will be playing with it soon to sort it out. I also had a heck a time trying to keep up with Pat and I felt pretty out of shape but still good company for sure. I tried a few new log rides and I failed miserably.......I was definitely off, I wasn't enjoying the ride as much as I had anticipated but was making the most of it. Temperatures were great, I was in shorts and a long sleeve shirt it was great. I won't be riding the dawg much until it is fixed, but that may require $$$$ which I am short on with upcoming trip to Utah and other stuff so we shall see. Millers on Saturday if all goes well! which bike to bring............mash up my new bike on log rides, ride a bumpy Dawg or go rigid SS and suffer........decisions....

Post sick ride

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