Thursday, February 9, 2012


Been pretty sick and in the dumps this week, don't know if I will be riding by the weekend but I sure hope I can! Weather continues to be amazing around here, finally a week with no rain in the last 8 months it feels like.....

Moab Utah- Porcupine Trail- April 11th 2009

Another great ride with my buddy Brent. We had our ladies drop us off at the end of the road where you have to pedal up a jeep road to the top. It was an interesting ride going up that jeep road, it was pretty tough for a westerner with all the rocks and soft sand and tricky little tech as I remember correctly, It was a real workout too! It took alot longer than expected to reach the beginning of the trail but once we were there we took in the sights of Moab and the all the funny looking low lying trees that don't seem to grow much taller than you are. Little did we know what was in store for us as we began to pedal and descend into the unknown. It was a while ago but I remember a mixture of sand and rock, the sandy breaks were great since they rolled so smooth but too much sand and it sucked all the speed in. As we neared the edge of a plateu one of the most incredible views was to be had. With the gray skies, the light dusting of snow above going into the La Sals and the overlook of this absolutely incredible backdrop made for on unforgettable sight. More dirt roads, more sand, a ton of rocks and a consistent downhill grade was awesome! This trail was not as Mountain bike trail oriented as I expected, a lot of it was jeep road. After enough rocks to jar every thought out of your mind we began t hit some single track along the hillside and now this was what I was looking for! It had some fun little tech spots and not too much room for error in spots. The hillside went steep off to the right and you really did not want to make an error there. Found a rock on the way down and had another absolutely incredible view down the valley and could see the Rio Colorado. It was great to get the rest and reflect on our trip and still have plenty left ahead of us. After some snacks were had we went on our way down and things got even more fun. We drew closer and closer to the river and sadly the ride was coming to an end, but was one heck of a good ride and just beat the rain in time!

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