Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another good one

Gathered with some fellas over at Mesh last night. I got to the trailhead 45 minutes early so I took off on a pre ride and was loving it. It was sooo unbelievably nice out with temps in the high 40s even at night. I kind of know the area now so I set off on an loop idea I had. There was stillday light left and plenty of it and then as I neared the top of a spot I got a great view of the red glow of the sun setting. This cell phone pic does not do it justice but it gives you the right idea. I finished half of the loop soon and crossed the road to the other side to see if I can figure out some more trail. Had a good climb up but not quite all the way up, I was pressing time and decided to take a fire road off to the right which lead me towards the right direction. It soon started to darken rapidly and the trail I was on was much longer than I had anticipated. I was familiar when I hit the single track with all the skinny crossings. I knew I was kind of headed in the right direction but was taking longer than anticipated and soon enough I caught glimpse of my car as I popped out and had a sigh or relief as my ride buddies were still there. We assembled and headed up the old jump trail and then rode exactly what I judt did mostly for the next 30 minutes and then ascended to the top. From there rode all the familiar stuff I am becoming with now at Mesh. By the end I was taking my sweet time enjoying the last bit of the ride without bright lights up my butt. I really enjoyed the ride and was still wanting mooooorreeee! Maybe a ride tonight we shall see :)

Warm mesh feb

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