Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fast Rip At Grayville

Got out last night with a new rider I have not ridden with yet. His was packing a carbon 29er and his name was Jay, nice dude. We got cranking on trail and it turned into a pedal fest pretty quickly, luckily I was feeling very good and chased him down through the night. The Tanuki was feeling so so soooooooooo good. Pedaling was so easy and comfy I think I am a bit faster than my rigid. I am so happy with the bike it really feels amazing. We reversed the lower loop since the re route threw him off and it was a good change of pace. Then did the standard loops up high and needed to make a quick escape so took the way we went in. Really nice to get out, I can never ride as much as I want to but starting a monday off with a ride was very welcomed!


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