Friday, February 3, 2012

Another Good Case Ride

Got out on a Thursday night ride, I was looking very forward to getting to do some pedaling all week and I am so glad this opportunity arose. Jisch and Miles lead the way into the night on a nice cool one at that. These guys are in great shape and usually a struggle to keep up with but luckily I was able to keep up on the Tanuki. I debated bringing it since the rigid was already neatly packed into the company car but as I got home I changed my mind and even dusted off my hot rod and threw the bike on top. It felt great as I pedaled into the night, my legs were fresh and the temperatures were extremely comfortable at mid 30's I imagine. We took a little bit of a different loop at Case which is always welcome. We made it to some stuff I have neglected the last few months. The Tanuki felt incredible, I am so pleased with the bike I could not be happier, I wish I could buy another one and leave it in a box so i can ride one for the next decade. I look forward to mountain bikes to be getting nothing but better in the future, it's a comforting thought, but right now I am on cloud 9 on my new bike. We pedaled a quick 12 miles in 2 hours and it felt very good, we ended things on par 4 which is a great trail I don't ride enough, I think it's always the last trail choice to make and it take commitment to want to ride it on your way down to the car but John made that decision and I was happy with it. Very good ride, maybe Saturday I ride next you know I will if I can?????

Case groupy

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