Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Throwback Weds

Weather is absolutely amazing out there, that's is why I will surely be riding after work and it's at Mesh and I am extremely excited! Mondays ride was fantastic and I am hoping for an even greater outcome pedaling Mesh on the Tanuki!!!!!!! 16 more days until Utah!!!!!!!!

Luke's Trail-Price Utah- May 15th 2009

Me and Brent started to hear about these trails halfway to Moab right off the road so we decided to pack our tents and head out there to see what it was about. We arrived after work and got setup and had some daylight left so set off on the popular Luke's trail. It was really windy and flat and sandy which didn't really thrill me to be honest. As we got further and further we began to get dizzy from all the twists and turns and soft ground. It was not really impressing us by any means. As we got a little higher things started to change a little and then we began to climb over some rocks and Brent got his tire stuck on a crack and sent him off the bike softly but enough to land his finger awkwardly on the ground dislocating it. He yelled in some pain and then proceeded to set it back in place. It was pretty freaky to see his finger so far off but I was very glad he didn't break anything. We then headed back to the campsite as he painfully was able to pedal back and then the swelling began. It was his ring finger so that sucker wasn't helping since he had his wedding band on. We decided to just kick back and enjoy the oncoming sunset and get the fire going since it wasn't going to spoil the trip. The sun went down and we had a nice fire going and had a good rest of the night. As I lay in my tent hearing the desert oil pump near us clanking away I began to picture this scene was from a horror movie. The next morning luckily we awoke, Brent's hand was unfortunately not going to allow him to ride, so I set off to explore some other trails on our crappy map and found more sand and not much more. It still was a really good trip and did not have much riding but we lost nothing more than a tank of gas and a swollen finger.....good times

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