Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday night ride

Got lucky and found someone else looking to get out. I didn't really decide until I realized it was a possibility so when 3:00 came around I posted on bikerag.com and got a bite. Case was the place being after some moisture this weekend it was sure to provide best conditions and that it did. The air was so warm it was like 45 degrees I think when I started in my t shirt and shorts and was about the same by the time we were done. We were at a nice mellow pace which was good, maybe I burned some extra fat since I put on too much this year..... I took a mix of trails but mostly rocky trails and I think I would name that loop jarhead. The SS wasn't feeling good, something in the drivetrain felt locked up and skewers are shot after a few months of use......... none the less I made from start to finish with only having to tighten up the eccentric bottom bracket once. Really nice ride and could not ask for better temperatures.

Jar head

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