Saturday, December 2, 2023

My o my

Wow, a nice sonoran desert winters morning, some dew, lowered temperatures, rain few days ago, it was primo. I wish I was on par with the scene, I finally got my magicshine back working, the new battery pulls out of the plug and the battery itself is heavy, two downsides but having all that light back blazing the desert with 3,000 lumens is worth it! Ughghhh and the bike is creaking up a fricking storm, going to take it to the shop, tried different, chain, cog, chainring, hub overhaul, I am out of ideas. My knee was bothering me too, so last week I was playing with Landon and on a ninja course and lost grip and went down off balance on one leg and my knee popped and hasn't been normal since. The limp is gone and it's not very painful but still healing, for some reason it was upset this morning. Slow as normal too, man I dunno what I need to do to put some pep, well with all that which still is no big deal just venting, the desert put on a quality show for the eyeballs. The moisture in the valley floors and that color, wish I had a better camera to catch it!

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