Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday at San tan

Well a new week, can'y say its much different than any other, I had 3-4 spots to pick to ride and went over to San Tan for an sunset ride. As I began my way onto the trail I was feeling just fine, the sun going into it's late time in the day was quite welcomed, it wasn't cool or anything but just the glow of niceness. I rarely ride this time of day anymore and while I ride a lot and can't complain, this time of day is a favorite. It was just a speedy one loop lap of San Tan to use up my time wisely, I use to have 2 hr rides, now they're more 90 or less but I get the exercise to fun ratio in and that's fine. It was a nice ride round the mountains, such a nice setting and good day to be alive

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