Thursday, September 17, 2020

Deep puncture......

Well Tuesday was looking strong, I was feeling best on the bike in months, my head was a mess but I felt like trophys were coming today and that turned out to be true. I was ripping a bit of Hawes and then made the plan to head up Mine. As I was on the last bit of climb before the hardest was over, this funny feeling happened my foot came off the pedal. Looked down to see what happened with the pedal, then I notice a big ol hole in my leg where the spindle punctured my leg, I could see quite deeply into my leg and then shock and nausea took over. I laid down on the ground since it started to move. Pain set in and I battled very uncomfortable symptoms for the next 30 minutes. Kept looking down at my leg, tried to get up, got woozy, tried to figure out my best way off the mountain, was I going to be able to ride, can I walk all the way, will i need to be airlifted, do I need rescue etc..... all while lying down on the trail high up on the mountain. After those 30 minutes were up I told myself I was going to get myself down by any means and hitch a ride and then hit the hospital. I was able to be upright without that sick feeling and hopped on my bike with one leg on the pedal and wounded one off. It was painful and I had to walk a few hills. I took a risky gamble that paid off, I knew a wash that likely would be a smooth and quick ride to the road, turns out it was both! After 20 minutes I was on the road, pain and swelling setting in I was relieved. I flagged a driver down and gave me a ride to my car. I didn't know if I could drive so I gae it a shot, it was skethcy but I could get it done somehow. I went tot eh clinic since I really didn't want to deal with the hospital. They planed to clean it out and stitch it. The cleaning was atrocious, it was so so painful, the stitches were nothing compared to it. I thought it was more serious than it was but glad by lack of concern. My wife came for support and I drove her car home and she took mine. I got home and rested and iced. So so so glad to be home and ready to recover from this mess. Somewhat glad to say the part failed on my pedal which was not me failing. The bolt that holds the pedal on the spindle failed sending the body of the pedal off. I have not been able to get back up there to search for the bolt but plan to as I curious has me.

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