Friday, November 27, 2020

Far west SOMO

I trekked on over to SOMO on Tuesday in despiration for something different. The plan was Gila to National and the new trail Ma Ha Tuak. It was a grunt up Gila and I questioned my gearing but once I got over the pass it was all gravy. I enjoyed a descent down Gila and realized I have not been here in forever. Actually only once, it was a few ups and then alot of flat riding over to Ma Ha Tuak. Once I got on that it was wide and straight forward, the DH sections were rippers and the change of scenery was very nice. The ride back I was headed for Gila and then dropped down into a neighborhood for a mile of pavement to connect back around the mountain to Busera connector which is another brand new one I like. Great mix of trail without too much effort.

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