Saturday, October 1, 2022


That alarm went off way too early, but early enough for me to get 3 hours of trail time. My wife is covering for the other physician so she has a 5 day work week the next two weeks. It's and inconvenience by killing my thursday and friday ride but not the end of the world. Allergies have struck the last few days, yea I know, I just finished a round few weeks ago. The desert just keeps on giving..... SO I was groggy and a lilttle headache but moving pretty good, finally back on par with my two hour marker on my route, I was running 5-10 minutes behind it last month and now I am riding a bit faster to make sure I am not slacking. I was battling alot of issues in my head 90% of the ride, so the last 10% was more pleasant as the fog was lifting. So grateful to be riding and healthy. My birthday is next week, I hope to hit Flagstaff for a day.

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