Thursday, December 26, 2013


Wow, so after waiting for the snow to leave so I could get my first ride on dirt in two months took too long. The rain cleared and so did the 60f temperatures which was crazy but left the trails just perfect. I set off for Case on Tuesday and was happy to be pedaling my way back up the trails. It felt pretty great to be out, shortly though my lungs and legs caught up to me in the first few minutes but not too bad. I was armed with my one speed and no suspension which has always been my go to bikes. Also I just put a fresh set of nevegal tires on the ol Raleigh. I love new tires, they grab trail so awesome. I did feel more rolling resistance than from WTB Exi wolfs. The sun was out and this was going to be a good day. I Hit the town line licker and then I guess another trail I have not rode yet called Smooth and then a sweet trail called Smookey. These new trails are a great welcome to the beginning of the ride since they are fun and most importantly new trails. Then it was off to Shank Juice, this being my second time riding it I forget just how much work this trail is, by far it's the longest single connected trail I believe, about a 18 minute heck of a fun trail. After done with that I was feeling my legs giving out but not completely. Down Tinti trail where that good old euphoria ran into my veins. Ahhhhh thats the feeling I have missed. Rode down to the reservoir where I took a minute and soaked in that view and joy it was being out on the bicycle. Up Misty, up NUT, then an easy peezy ride back up to the lookout and then home free. I was pretty worn by the end of the ride but what do you expect since it was a first ride in 60ish days. Loved being out there and can't wait to get me some more. Supposed to ride today, probably Crandalls, then snowboarding friday up in VT and then hopefully some more biking Saturday. life is good.

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