Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Eve

So happy I got the chance to get another ride and with soft legs I went for Crandalls for a good spin. I heard snow was in the forecast and got out as soon as I could which was right when the snow hit. It styarted to flurry on my way to the spot and picked up along the way. I got pedaling and found that the leaves and the new snow made things very slick. This was going to have to be a cautious ride. Atrmed with SS it made for some tough sections but determined at every obstacle. I felt a bit taken out of my legs but I still had some steam to put out. It was hard to see with the snow hitting my eyes but it made for a truly inspiring environment for a bike ride. I was tiring quick, Crandalls is a pretty demanding in the climbing category. I really enjoyed that ride and will not soon forget it, I hit all the trails and found myself at my car wanting more but worn out. Heading home the snow stopped and the next morning I headed out to go snowboarding at Stratton with some good friends. Standard East Coast crap conditions were present which made it suck but I made the most of it. Wind, low light, maybe 50% trails open, cold and crowded.

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