Thursday, January 2, 2014

Last day fo the year

Every year I seem to luck out with a New Year's Eve or the 1st day of the year. I am happy to say I should be riding tomorrow too so it should be both! I really wanted to ride Monday but we got heavy rain Sunday and decided to wait it out which is good since one less day Mountain Biking my Wife never seems to mind. It was pretty cold this morning, somewhere in the teens but this was not going to stop this guy. I was really excited to ride, the sky was blue and sun was out offering only 24f but still the sun was out. I set off for Schoolhouse Brook to do s standard loop. I took a new route crossing the road which adds some sweet but short trail. I am getting a good feeling for the Schoolhoiuse Brook trail system now. I was feeling pretty good riding, it was cold out but my body was plenty warm so long as I was spinning. A few trails see little traffic were very hard to follow and very soft. On the far end it was hard making out the trail as well. Climbing back up Wolf rock I was failing on the big climb, the climb up blue got worse. Really great ride I can;t wait tog get more riding in.

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