Friday, January 3, 2014

First day of the year

I was anxious to ride Wednesday and was awaiting Landon for his expected afternoon nap when I hear my phone buzz and another rider wanted to ride. I planned a solo mission as usual but had no problem if someone wanted to join me. Turned out Pat does not know the Schoolhouse network very well so I took him on my loop. I was hesitant to wonder how the ride would go since Pat is a very fast and very good rider who would be stuck behind me. So it gave me a little motivation to push harder which I strangely did not mind. I was pretty winded quick but just kept pushing. It was a really great out, I was trying to especially enjoy it since snow was in the forecast for the next day. I pushed hard and on a few climbs told Pat to take the lead so he could hammer. At one point I lost him at an intersection. After a few minutes we found each other. I was on the Belltown and holy crap was it a better ride! Having one more tooth on the cog for climbing and the light nimble beauty that it is was such a pleasure to ride, I really love this bike. Took a little different route at the end, turned out the mix was a keeper. This really was a great ride, was nice too knowing I got my game back. Can't wait til this snow melts and I can get back out there for shredding.

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