Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fun friday

Set off another ride to make it my 3rd of the week, it was warm so I was rocking t shirt and shorts on the ride which was nice. I picked case to ride yet another new trail "Graveyard", I am the last to know these days but I did find the trail. It was pretty awesome riding that trail, navigating on fresh trail, pretty steep climbing with not much relief. I did not expect mud on this ride but on this trail I did unfortunately, the only mud really I have in the last few weeks. I was pretty unhappy I was riding that trail when it went through the sloppy sections, I won't ride it again until its frozen or dry. Just like Shank Juice its a heave more downhill oriented since it uses the same hillside, this trip I planned to ride down Shank to offer some relief to the ride since riding up it mid ride is a beast. I took my way down Tinti before I would climb back up the power lines and head to the top again. Riding down Shank Juice was pretty fun, brakes need some work, maybe a bleed they're just not powering. Took the quick way up blue which I have not done in awhile. I was on the Belltown and was hammering the trail, felt so good to be back on the bike, hated dousing in the slop of Graveyard. Mighty fine ride, stoked to get 3 good ones in this week, next week is looking great, back to cold but I don't care bring it!

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