Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Crandalls before the storm

Thank goodness I got out the door in time to crank out a ride. I was so stoked to ride and knew this could be my last one for weeks. The forecast called for 4-8" of white stuff and it was bound to start very shortly so I rocketed off into the woods. The plan was to see how many miles I could get out of the joint in 2 hours and planned on 2 laps of Zig and Zag. It was 17f which to some seems real cold, but for me it felt just fine, a long sleeve shirt and DH pants I was feeling just dandy. Climbed up Knickerbocker and then down JnJ. Then I rode over TVA to climb back up and felt a little burn in my legs, I guess I am still getting them back. Then I headed down whales back from the top and then up onto the far side, I took the trail that empties out onto the road and found a little mini loop back there. Then up Intestine, things were going mighty good, it was so great to be out. I did a loop starting on Zag and ended on Zig and then went for lap 2 in opposite direction starting on Zig and ending on Zag. While on Zig I got a puff of 2stroke, damn motos were out on the trails, and they were close, I soon ran into them, they were on the single track. I tried to get close enough to have a word with them and when I did I told them they were not welcome and it was illegal to ride there and a lot of effort go into the trails and respect them as they leave. Not sure if they will be back, but I at least got a chance to speak with them. Once i finsihed the two laps I was heading down red not looking forward to ending the ride. I milked it out on just a few more trails as I found a good 2 hour ride now, pretty bummed to have to end the ride but my legs were toast anyway. Winter riding has been kind to me these last few weeks I can't complain.

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