Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Monday ride

It rained like mad Saturday, Sunday it cleared up and my yard was still mush. I was really anxious for a ride Monday and chose to ride a less ridden area which is Mansfield Hollow area that has a lot of leaves and would do no harm to trails. Down to my Kona and Belltown, I still have not mounted up the bell town to the trunk bike rack and was not looking to bring since I am still babying it, I wish I could stop doing this in a way. So I was armed with the Kona and got to the parking lot where I found the rear tire low, pulled out my pump and found the pump in my pack was schrader only. I lost my blackburn pump a few months ago and for got this other pump was schrader only. The tire was pretty low for my liking, probably 15-18 psi. I was taking a risk riding on it low but I was willing to take that risk, I had two hours to ride. As I began to pedal the bike it was feeling terribly awkward, it was really hard to standup and climb even though having the gears. Also my legs felt weak, both things were making things uncomfortable but I was carrying on missing my rigid SS's. The trails turned out to be just fine, especially leafy ones. Headed up Pine Ridge to blue and then crossed the road and back on blue. Just after the lookout I took a trail that I spotted last ride, it was marked with red tie. I really hoped it was not going to put me into someones backyard like some of them do, boy was I wrong. What a great trail, this was a good ride, up down and plenty of fun XC. I was really happy to have found this trail. It ended up back at the end of the blue trail just as you cross Chaffeeville Rd. That trail took up a bit of time on my planned loop so I took the fastest route to connect back into Schoolhouse. When I did get climbing on the bird loop trail I was pretty pooped, I had 50 more minutes to ride and had every intent on pushing through. I did a quick odd loop in Schoolhouse, finding more very confusing webbed trail, I really am wondering what the builder has going on in their head but I still welcome the challenge of figuring it out. It was a quick jaunt back to the car that went smoothly. I think I will now pull out the Belltown for questionable occasions, I just love my SS, I can't wait to get my Raleigh back so I can put a beating on it.

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