Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wednesday bright foggy shred

Set off bravely into the fog from the house, set to ride Mansfield Hollow since the soil there holds well, arrived to the trail head and had gotten under most the fog. I was in shorts and a t shirt with gears and 2 hours. I rode up the same way on Monday to tap into the new trail again, I noticed there are two spots where they seem to split or attach to another trail. Next ride out there I will have to explore more. Stoked on another good run down it, I do miss just charging down blue since it's a fun drop. I wish CT had more burly lines, its pretty weak around here in the DH department and technical. I chose to take the hard way around the hollow, throwing in the trails by the soccer fields, then hitting the humps in the opposing direction, I always remember why I ride them the other way even on a geared bike. I got halfway around the lake where I realized I had a time dilemma after spitting the chain over the cassette a few time almost totaling my derailleur two times in a row. I chose to stick the rest of the ride in a riding gear and climbing gear between ring 1 & 2 so I could get out alive. The woods were alive, it started in a foggy haze with a bright sun above it, giving plenty of light in a PNW attitude. Soon the skies did open to sun, it was warm, felt more like Spring than mid January. My legs were toast, they were hurt from Monday, somehow I though the full suspension would be easier on them, but riding position and weight of the bike wrecked them. I really plan to bust out the Belltown tomorrow and plan to stop being such a baby about getting it dirty. I hit the car 20 minutes late, headed home and enjoyed the rest of the day with the family in the nice weather. Snow is in the forecast, it does not look like an accumulation ordeal so stay tuned lets hope nothing happens.

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