Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Shredda

So stoked to get out and ride on today, it was pretty warm so shorts and a long sleeve jersey were in. I crammed the full suspension into the car since the belltown had a loose crank and required a specific tool to tighten, more on that later. I chose to ride down to Grayville where there is some great riding, it's a good place to ride but for some reason I never really loved the place like I have others. It does have the best rock slabs which is the highlight of the place. I started off on the river side loop and climbed it the wrong way by mistake for the 2nd time, it was no big deal just a few tough sections to walk to save some leg. Feeling better on the full suspension but still not liking it, it was going smoother than last weeks rides though. Once I closed that loop out I was torn between taking the high route which would induce more work and feeling lazy I took the middle route. When I got out on the end of the park I usually get confused but can always find what I was looking for. I rode the short slab section and then had to pedal back up into the good long section. I love this part, always the highlight of visiting Grayville. Not long into it my tire all of a sudden goes flat, wow it's been a long long time since I have had to change a flat on the trail, oh well. Some time lost there but it happens, a few minutes down the trail I snap the fricken quick link and slam my knee into the stem as usual. That sucked but I had a quick link so it was a quick fix. Once I was done with the rock trail I a lined it to the car so that no more events could happen. I guess it was a good ride but not as great as most have been recently, snow on the way, tomorrows ride will have to count, hope it comes together.

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