Saturday, January 11, 2014

Thursday Banger

The weather has been cold, I could not ride Wednesday, I was bummed but still stoked after the great ride on Tuesday so I controlled myself. I set my sights on Thursday, Landon fell asleep for his afternoon nap so I set off to mix up the Schoolhouse Brook and Mansfield Hollow trails. I was not looking forward to snowy conditions but knew it could not be worse than Tuesdays ride I think. It turns out there was plenty of dirt with just little snow and ice! I set off of the lot with an idea in mind, linking two connectors that cross a main road to make a big loop. Any extra time at the end I would make up in Schoolhouse. Legs were feeling a little dull since I guess I am still getting them back, plus I think the snow ride caused a little more effort. It was a swift climb up to the top of Stoned Hill and then a fun descent down blue, I love this section, steep, technical and rocky. I wish more trails had steep pitches to them, there is not enough of it around here but this trail does give a dose. I rode some great trails, I had to skip some to work with my time frame but it was a fast ride, I closed out Mansfield Hollow and made my way back into Schoolhouse. I had enough time to do a short loop around Wolf rock so I did so. Finished out as I usually do on Stone Bridge. I came in just under 15 miles which was nuts, must have been moving at a good clip. I can't wait to link the two parks next rides.

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