Thursday, June 14, 2018


WOW got to Sedona on Saturday and enjoyed a fantastic evening with my family, we relaxed by the pool and met some friends for dinner and continued to enjoy the evening relaxing as much as we could with a active 5 year old. Sedona was a breath of fresh air, I was amazed how nice it was, more vegatated, cooler and just beautiful! So previous to the trip on trailforks I linked up some high rated trails and options to get me from my room over to Hi Line. On the trail by 5:15 and really not feeling the greatest, my body was beat, energy and mind wise, I got a horrible night of sleep. I Headed off to the first trail just a few hundred feet from my door. The Sedona Vista trail was short and bumpy, I ws reminded quickly I brought a scalpel to a gun fight. Then it was onto the Aiport Loop which continued as a nice but bumpy downhill. As I was going down this 800ft of trail I was realizing how completely screwed I was going to be when I was heading home. The rocks were going to be trouble on worn singlespeed legs. Still in a fog I rolled down into a cool wash and enjoyed my hands getting cold, the cool temperature was extraordinary and I loved it. After a nice smoother stint on the Old Post trail I was enjoying narrow trail. Then Skywalker, narrow and some challenges and a bit of elevation gain for the first in the ride. The onwards to Scorpion for some even more narrow awesome!Then a link to Rams head which was nothing special but still good as it got me to the river crossing. Shoes off and a dip into the stream and a beautiful scene along a cool relaxing river. The vegatationw was lush, reminds me of the desert canyons I love so much, plenty of smells and could spend all day in a spot like that but onwards I went. Onto Templeton with some hike a bike, now I felt the sun and things warmed as my heart raced on the steep hiking. Things mellowed and I began my traverse along the steep rocks above me. Views were vast and I missed my turn for made in the shade, chose not to turn around and face more elevation but good trail. Now closing in on Hi Line I was feeling much better than the first two hours of the ride. I was in no way fast but was steady. Now climbing to Hi Line and looking for relief it turned onto the trail and excitement grew. Some hike a bike and then I could ride! Very narrow sketchy ribbon along the rock but absolutely delightful! Reminded me very much of Hangover trail but this was better in a riding way. Passed my first group of riders and they probably scratched their heads at this rigid singlespeeder without pads. The trail dropped a bit as it prepared for a crazy technical descent. Without lowering the seatpost I rode ALOT of it, some was not going to be safely done on my bike or desire. After the rough was over it was time to make my way back. I rounded Baldwin and enjoyed a descent down to the stream. I changed my ride choice now for better or worse. I took Buddha Bench which kinda sucked and so did the Ridge trail hike a bike. Very close to home but still an adventure ahead of me I went off trail and fund some unmarked stuff to avoid the Airport Loop hike. Cut some miles and did more hiking, rode some narrow grown in stuff but arrived to the hotel with some scratches and feeling complete with plenty in the tank. Loved this ride what an adventure and breath of fresh air. We then enjoyed the rest of the monring before we had to head home.

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