Sunday, March 1, 2020

To the pass!

I found myself heading up the Maricopa trail on Tuesday morning, expecting a ton of hikers it was pretty quiet until the pass. The ride to the pass was fun, challenging too. It has been awhile since I have done the loop but today was the day. I made it to the pass and dropped on in, I cleaned all the steeps and had to dab a few places with sharp rocks and corners, I felt bad I just put brand new tire on the Trek and was torturing them. I was very happy to make it down to the trailhead in one piece, not a bright idea on a rigid only cuase of the bumps, my upper body got a workout for sure! I passed a bunch of hikers and into the easy Usery trails I went and back up the mountain on the other side. A speedy descent to the car and that was a ride in itself, but this guy crossed the road and added 8 miles to the ride for some reason....... great stuff nice to finally mix things up.

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