Saturday, April 30, 2022


Oh my goodness I went to Sedona! Funny things was I was announcing it on and off out loud to my wife to warm her up to the idea. We were at the splash pad with the kiddo and I was told to go get dumped on by the cold water buckets, I said I will if I cna go to Sedona! It was fun to do anyway but I got the ok! It took a few weeks to pull it off as things kept popping up. But one glorious morning I rolled up. Parking was madness but I got lucky and eventually found a spot. I did not have much of a plan other than to hit hi line and figure the rest out. It was a little messy with no plan but I kind of liked it. I am familiar with hi line so after that I crossed the stream which felt glorious on my feet! The it was onto Carrol canyon and this time I opted to try Herkenham which was a lesson learned, skywalker is so much better! Then I was into West Sedona with the thought of chuck wagon or mezcal but I am so familiar with them so I decided to head for a route to grand central in the Adobe jack area. I rode Girdner for a first time, that was actaually really great and just what I wanted. From there the thunder mountain looked interesting and least amount of road to get to grand central. Thunder mountain was tough, technical but so so so good! I eventually made my way onto grand central after what seemed like forever. Turned out it was just ok, might need to try adobe jack next time. Then I was so tempted to ride hangover but I was just about out of time. I rode a bit of pavement to speed up getting closer to my vehichle and then choose some trails from there. I picked made easy breezy for a nice easier route and then climbed up ht trail to llama. Llama was great, and just what I needed to finish off my short time I had in Sedona. The smells were amazing I must add, and the sight and sounds, I forget how nowhere else on the planet is like Sedona! So blessed!

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